Project Ne10
An Open Optimized Software Library Project for the ARM Architecture
Welcome to Ne10 Documentation!

Ne10 is a library of common, useful functions that have been heavily optimized for ARM-based CPUs equipped with NEON SIMD capabilities. These functions provide consistent, well-tested behavior that can be easily incorporated into applications, enabling developers to get the most out of ARMv7/NEON without arduous assembly programming. Ne10 is structured in a modular fashion such that it can be used as a convenient "drop and go" pre-built library, but also allows the programmer to "pick and mix" modules as appropriate for a particular application.

Ne10 Library Description
Top-Level Overview

The Ne10 directory structure is roughly as follows:

  ├── android
  │   └── Android reference files
  ├── build
  │   └── directory for build-related files
  ├── common
  │   └── directory for common header, table and macro definition files
  ├── doc
  │   └── directory for documentation
  ├── inc
  │   └── directory for function header files
  ├── modules
  │   ├── dsp
  │   │   ├──  dsp module that provides a set of signal processing functions, such as real/complex FFT/IFFT, FIR and IIR
  │   │   └── test
  │   │       └──  directory for test files
  │   ├── imgproc
  │   │   ├──  imgproc module that provides a set of image processing functions, such as image resize and rotate
  │   │   └── test
  │   │       └──  directory for test files
  │   ├── math
  │   │   ├──  math module that provides a set of vector/matrix algebra functions
  │   │   └── test
  │   │       └──  directory for test files
  │   ├── physics
  │   │   ├──  physics module that provides a set of collision detection functions
  │   │   └── test
  │   │       └──  directory for test files
  ├── samples
  │   └──  sample code
  ├── test
  │   ├── directory for test framework
  ├── tools
  │   ├── directory for miscellaneous tools, such as the script to modify the copyright year

Ne10's modular structure means that it actually consists of several smaller libraries. Currently, these include:


Ne10's function call interface can be understood by reading the relevant documentation pages, or by examining sets of provided sample code.

Building Ne10

See the file in the "doc" folder

Code Formatting

See the Ne10 coding style guidelines.


Ne10 is provided free of charge by ARM Limited and Contributors, and is licensed under the New BSD License. See the LICENSE file in the "doc" directory for details.