Project Ne10
An open, optimized software library for the ARM architecture.
NE10_init.h File Reference
#include "NE10.h"

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ne10_result_t ne10_HasNEON (void)
ne10_result_t ne10_init (void)
ne10_result_t ne10_init_math (ne10_int32_t is_NEON_available)
ne10_result_t ne10_init_dsp (ne10_int32_t is_NEON_available)

Function Documentation

ne10_result_t ne10_HasNEON ( void  )

This routine returns NE10_OK if the running platform supports NEON, otherwise it returns NE10_ERR

Definition at line 39 of file NE10_init.c.

ne10_result_t ne10_init ( void  )

This routine initializes all the function pointers.

NE10_sample_complex_fft.c, NE10_sample_fir.c, NE10_sample_intro.c, NE10_sample_matrix_multiply.c, and NE10_sample_real_fft.c.

Definition at line 44 of file NE10_init.c.

ne10_result_t ne10_init_dsp ( ne10_int32_t  is_NEON_available)

Definition at line 32 of file NE10_init_dsp.c.

ne10_result_t ne10_init_math ( ne10_int32_t  is_NEON_available)

This routine initializes all the math function pointers defined in "NE10_math.h" with pointers to ARM NEON or ARM VFP implementations.