Project Ne10
An open, optimized software library for the ARM architecture.
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NE10_init_imgproc.c File Reference
#include <stdio.h>
#include "NE10_imgproc.h"

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ne10_result_t ne10_init_imgproc (ne10_int32_t is_NEON_available)


void(* ne10_img_resize_bilinear_rgba )(ne10_uint8_t *dst, ne10_uint32_t dst_width, ne10_uint32_t dst_height, ne10_uint8_t *src, ne10_uint32_t src_width, ne10_uint32_t src_height, ne10_uint32_t src_stride)
 Image resize of 8-bit data. More...
void(* ne10_img_rotate_rgba )(ne10_uint8_t *dst, ne10_uint32_t *dst_width, ne10_uint32_t *dst_height, ne10_uint8_t *src, ne10_uint32_t src_width, ne10_uint32_t src_height, ne10_int32_t angle)
 Image rotate of 8-bit data. More...
void(* ne10_img_boxfilter_rgba8888 )(const ne10_uint8_t *src, ne10_uint8_t *dst, ne10_size_t src_size, ne10_int32_t src_stride, ne10_int32_t dst_stride, ne10_size_t kernel_size)
 Box blur of RGBA8888 image data. More...

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ne10_result_t ne10_init_imgproc ( ne10_int32_t  is_NEON_available)

Definition at line 32 of file NE10_init_imgproc.c.