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Ne10 - An Open Optimized Software Library Project for the Arm Architecture

Ne10 is a library of common, useful functions that have been heavily optimised for Arm-based CPUs equipped with NEON SIMD capabilities. It provides consistent, well-tested behaviour, allowing for painless integration into a wide variety of applications via static or dynamic linking.

The library provides some of the fastest open source implementations of key operations available for the Arm v7-A and v8-A architectures, particularly focusing on math, signal processing, image processing, and physics functions.

How do I get started?

You can download the latest Ne10 release as a zip or tarball. Or, alternatively, you can clone the current cutting-edge version of Ne10 directly with Git by running:

git clone

Further instructions for building, linking, and using Ne10 are available on the official GitHub page. This includes the doxygen documentation, and a number of pre-prepared code snippets, providing examples of how Ne10 can be used to perform common tasks such as FFT, FIR, and matrix multiply operations.

What license does Ne10 use?

Ne10 is distributed under the BSD 3-clause license.

How can I contribute to Ne10?

Ne10 welcomes and encourages external contributions of any and all forms. If you’ve found a bug or have a suggestion, please don’t hesitate to detail these in the official issue tracker, or if you’re looking to contribute code, please see our file for more details.

Call for use cases

Find Project Ne10 useful? You can help us justify spending more engineering resources on the project! Please email us, outlining how you are using the project in your applications.

Want us to help cross-promote your product using Ne10 at developer events? We’re also looking for Ne10 use cases to show at conferences and meetups.

background image by Zhiguo.he — licenced under CC-SA